PC Mimic Diagram


PC Mimic Diagram (PCMD) is a Windows PC based software tool that allows a simple model of a customer’s electrical network to be created. The model is defined by creating a network diagram that shows circuit breakers, feeders and other major items of electrical plant. The software then determines each feeder’s live/dead/earthed status, and reacts to user-entered switching operations just like the real network.


    "Three days before handover of a large prestigious office block in central London we had to replace all fifty of the HV VTs. This required 700 HV switching operations and round the clock working. Creation of the necessary switching programmes was a critical part of the work. Without the assistance of PCMD to help create safe and accurate switching programmes it would not have been possible to complete the work within the time available." ...  
                                         A major construction company's Authorising Engineer.

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